[mythtv-users] IR working but HD-PVR crashing

Kaushik Mallick kmallick2000 at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 3 02:11:47 UTC 2010

>>Remove all TRANSMITTER stuff, its wrong. You should only have one lirc
device, one lirc socket and one lircd instance running.

OK, followed your suggestion. still no luck with IR blasting.

I have revised the hardware.conf file to show


I revised my lircd.conf file and added the entries for a remote named 
"DCH 3200" from here:


I restarted lirc and now ls -l /dev/lirc* shows only two entries

/dev/lircd -> /var/run/lirc/lircd

The two modules lirc_dev and lirc_mceusb are loaded without any error message.

When I enter
$ irsend SEND_ONCE DCH3200 ch+

it takes it fine without an error message. But the blaster doesn't flash 
and channel doesn't change.

when I do
$irsend -d /dev/lirc0 SEND_ONCE DCH3200 ch+

I get

irsend: could not connect to socket
irsend: Permission denied

The receiving part of the unit works fine, I can get response from irw and I 
can navigate in MythTV. I have checked to make sure the blaster is connected 
property to the port #1 at the back of the MCE transceiver.

What can I try next?

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