[mythtv-users] Master backend with no capture card

Christian Szpilfogel chrisznews4 at rogers.com
Wed Feb 3 01:12:15 UTC 2010

Dale Pontius wrote:
> I found this issue discussed on the list back in 2005, but no definitive
> answer given.
> I'm looking to build a new server soon, and with terabyte drives so
> cheap, I'm looking at moving my Myth storage down to the server.  Since
> the server is also guaranteed to be running 24x7, I'd also like to move
> the Myth master backend to that machine.  But it doesn't work to get an
> antenna feed down into my server closet.  I works much better to make my
> current (only) backend machine into a slave backend, and set up WOL so
> the master can kick it when it needs to record.
> I do have an old unused capture card that I could stick in and
> configure, but I really can't get a signal there.
> Is it possible to run a card-less master backend?  Lacking that, can I
> stick a card in, set it up properly and associate it with my Schedules
> Direct lineup, then somehow configure it so it'll never get used?
> (Since it won't really work, anyway.)
While I don't believe it is officially supported (ie. not a tested 
config), I have had a dedicated MBE running with no cards on it. I then 
had a separate slave backend with a PVR-500 registering into the MBE. 
This was my config up to 0.21-fixes. It worked flawlessly for years.

I needed to do this at the time since my MBE is in a VM guest but I had 
only a PCI card at the time. The slave was actually on the host of the 
VM. As of 0.22 I moved to HD-PVRs which can now access the VM guest via 
USB. So I can't confirm 0.22 will work as well.

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