[mythtv-users] How do you speed up screen refreshes in VNC when MythTV (Mythbuntu) is in OpenGL Mode?

nospam312 nospam312 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 2 19:55:55 UTC 2010

> I thought the -noxdamage setting in the session script had already
> resolved your problems with the x11vnc session to your FE/BE box.
> You had stated:
> "Brilliant - this has made it much, much better.  I just needed to know
> where to add the  -noxdamage command.  If you do not want to be
> messing with new X sessions, SSH etc you just want to connect to your
> MythTV boxes without having your TV on etc this fix makes using VNC
> usable (for me at least) when in OpenGL mode."
> Did it not work as expected?
> (just curious)

Yes -noxdamage has made a huge improvement but I thought there is no
harm in seeing if I am running compiz as if this is the original
problem I would rather remove compiz as it is not needed for a HTPC
machine - perhaps one day Mythbuntu will automatically do it?

As the documentation seems to indicate the -noxdamage is designed to
make systems running compiz work I suspect I am running compiz but
would like to be sure.

Just do not want to run 'xfwm4 --replace &' without knowing what it
does?  Does it immediately replace XFCE with the default window
manager or does it ask questions?

Is an xterm just a terminal windows got from Accessories - Terminal or
do I need to use something different if changing the Windows Manager?


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