[mythtv-users] Comments sought on combined FE/BE box spec

jedi jedi at mishnet.org
Tue Feb 2 16:01:05 UTC 2010

On Tue, Feb 02, 2010 at 03:47:39PM -0000, Michael PARKER wrote:
> All,
> Wow.... wasn't quite ready for that many responses. Thanks.
> 1) As far as the Wifi goes, I'm not seriously considering streaming video over it, rather using it
> for streaming music (1-2 (Soft)Squeeze clients) and to provide a web connection for browsing/email,
> remote admin/MythWeb etc. 
> I've got the card already and have it working in the P3 500Mhz system running Fedora 11. It's
> working fine at 54Mbps (indicated, not achieved!) over a WPA2(IIRC) encypted connection. It *should*
> support SuperG 108Mbps (compatible Atheros chipsets at both ends) but I haven't really invested much
> time looking at the ath_pci driver yet.
> 2) Forgive my ignorance, but what advantage would a separate 80GB OS disk give over a partitioned
> 2TB disk? At 3Gb/s and with 32MB of disk cache, I'm assuming the usual advantage of idependent drive

   ...easy upgrades.

   My backends have always had plenty of SATA ports and my storage space as slowly grown over time. My
current setup has 2 drives strung together with LVM to yield a really big recording drive. I have rebuilt
that drive as older drives have failed and been taken out of service.

   Even just using a single disk (and perhaps a hot swap tray) would make it easy for you to move up to
a larger drive in the future without disturbing the rest of your system.

> accesses is no longer significant. Another disk is possible in the case, but I'm keen not to
> increase power consumption and noise further. I did think a solid state disk for the OS would be
> nice, provided frequently accessed stuff, swap etc. was put on the 2TB.

   An SSD should be plenty big enough for this.


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