[mythtv-users] Comments sought on combined FE/BE box spec

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Tue Feb 2 14:40:29 UTC 2010

On Tuesday 02 February 2010 07:15:58 am bhaskins at chartermi.net wrote:
> ---- Michael PARKER <michael.parker at st.com> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I'm a newbie to Myth and, having developed an idea of the functionality
> > available using an old 500MHz P3, I'm trying to spec out a combined FE/BE
> > HTPC.
> >
> > I'm aiming for something quiet and relatively low power, but with enough
> > horsepower for HD decode/BluRay playback. As far as is possible, I'm
> > looking for something that won't require significant upgrades for a good
> > few years.
> >
> > Having trawled around the net for similar spec HTPCs, I've settled on the
> > following spec.
> >
> > The uATX form factor dictates a max of 2 PCI slots - needed for a
> > wireless card and the HVR-4000 tuner card.
> >
> > MB: 		ASUS M3N78-EM
> > CPU:		AMD Athlon II X4 605e Energy Efficient Quad Core, S AM3, 2.3GHz,
> > 2MB Cache, 45W RAM:		Crucial DDR2-1066/PC2-8500 2x2GB
> > PCI1:		D-Link AirPlus Xtreme G DWL G520
> ///
> What is the chipset in this card?
> --- mini-rant
> It pays to be careful here, very few wireless chipsets will "just work"
>  under Linux, across most distros and across kernel updates. I agree that
>  many can be "made" to work but really how silly is that? The only!!! one
>  that I know of is a 2200BG (Intel ) which can be used in a mainframe with
>  an adapter or directly into a pci-e  laptop ). I really wish that someone
>  would prove me wrong here but here is the test: 1. install, turn on), NM
>  comes up,  enter WPA-PSK (at least )... up. 2. On any major distro, no
>  need to recompile, use a special kmod, ndiswrapper, etc I still have not
>  found any USB adapter that will do the above... I have bought three. ---
>  end mini

Good point, though most of the problems are with encryption, most WiFi cards 
will at least connect, though not necessarily to encrypted systems.

We don't know what the OP's intention is for WiFi, a standalone combo FE/BE 
would not need it, unless it's being used for the main internet connection, 
which I would not suggest.

Also, the on-board 8300 is not the best choice for video (won't do the best 
de-interlacers), though it should work. I'd consider a standalone full VDPAU-
capable video card, or even think about the B'Com Crystal HD in a PCIeX1 
adapter, though I don't think that module is ready for Prime Time, yet. 

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