[mythtv-users] gt 240, fanless card .. issues

Gerben Roest g.roest at grepit.nl
Mon Feb 1 22:12:11 UTC 2010

> vc=ffmpeg12vdpau,ffwmv3vdpau,ffvc1vdpau,ffh264vdpau,

If you want to see what vdpau codecs are supported by your mplayer then 
you can do:

mplayer -vc help |grep vdpau

and you'll probably see this:

ffmpeg12vdpau ffmpeg working FFmpeg MPEG-1/2 (VDPAU)  [mpegvideo_vdpau]
ffwmv3vdpau ffmpeg  problems  FFmpeg WMV3/WMV9 (VDPAU)  [wmv3_vdpau]
ffvc1vdpau  ffmpeg  problems  FFmpeg WVC1 (VDPAU)  [vc1_vdpau]
ffh264vdpau ffmpeg  working   FFmpeg H.264 (VDPAU)  [h264_vdpau]


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