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>>>> cable companies are just pissing me off more and
>>>> more i look into this area..
>>> Welcome to the real world. Most of us feel that way too!
>>>  anyway, so the key piece in your explanation is - one recording per
>>>> tuner, one play back - per tuner.
>>> Actually, one recording OR live session per tuner. Play back of recorded
>>> content is completely separate from the recording (except for live tv
>>> sessions). After a while, most of us don't watch 'live-tv' at all, except
>>> maybe for the weather. It's all recorded content.
>>>  And the box if i were to hook it up
>>>> using suggested method - is a source of a single channel.
>>>>  lovely (sarcastically)
>>>> anyway around this ?
>>> No. Unfortunately. The cheap answer is 'put up an antenna' which as you
>>> have seen may actually not work. It depends upon where you live. Then again,
>>> you can always move..that would be cheap!!!
>>> Geoff
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>> well i'm in NYmetor ( 10miles from Manhattan), so i (foolishly) expected
>> the reception to be at least good. but non at all? yeah... (frustrated).
>> I'll check the sites - maybe i got a bad antenna. I just picked up
>> "HDTV/FM HD radio antenna" from radioshack by radioshack. didnot do any
>> research - just wanted to check.
>> I read a bit around and it seems that they should allow the fireware
>> connection. Does this help me in any form or shape ?
>> Assuming you have a reasonably direct view to Manhatton you should get a
>> bunch of channels even with a cheap radioshack antenna. My first guess would
>> be a setup problem. Not high enough, pointed the wrong way, wrong coax cable
>> killing the signal, wrong input settings on the tv you were  testing on...
>> You didn't feed the antenna coax into the settopbox by mistake? Or leave the
>> tv set for cable input?
>> I got 4 digital channels in my office, ground floor of a concrete + steel
>> frame building with the 5 inch omni directional whip antenna which came with
>> my HVR-950, 15 miles from the transmitter, so you should get something.
>> Please give some more details about how you tested the antenna with your
>> tv (and how you connected it).
>> Regarding FireWire, the FCC mandates that you should have this. This list
>> is archived at gossamer-threads. Search the list archive for 'FCC' and 'CFR'
>> for a reference.
>> Geoff
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> Antenna:
>  no direct view to Manhattan. I have a large building across the parking
> lot from mine to the (direct) West. And my widows are all facing West too.
> Here is the map i just generated.
> http://www.tvfool.com/?option=com_wrapper&Itemid=29&q=id%3dc723438e0d2a74
> If i read it right - almost all channels are broadcasting from south, south
> east direction. This may explain why i have nothing - the signal has to go
> through half of the brick building or bounce off the opposite building...
> Thinking again - still i should have got at least some cr%% pictures on
> multiple channels. I plugged the antenna in UHV input and disabled "cable"
> input, prior to scanning of channels, on tv. No i didn't plug it into cable
> box.

Keep in mind that ATSC is highly directional. 1-2 degrees on the compass can
mean the difference between no signal and full reception. Back when I was
using ATSC, I found it easiest to kill mythbackend and use 'dtvscan' to
monitor channels I knew I should receive, then slowly move the antenna until
I had at least 90% signal. It's a pain to get set up correctly, but once you
do, it pays off big time.
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