[mythtv-users] PVR-500 picture quality

Ronald Frazier ron at ronfrazier.net
Mon Feb 1 12:47:30 UTC 2010

> I see a significant drop in quality with my 500. Specifically, diagonal
> banding from lower left to upper right. It may be related to the type B
> Philips tuners on it. The very early PVR-350 I was using was almost spot on.
> Hardly any artifacts at all.

I see a similar problem on my system. I've currently got 2 analog
cards...a PVR-350 and an PVR-500. Both cards were actually very good
in my old myth system, which was running on an old Pentium 3 - 350MHz
system. I didn't notice a problem. About 2 years ago I built an
entirely new system and ever since then, both cards have had issues.
The PVR-500 gets that same type of diagonal banding on some of the
channels. The PVR-350 is a lot better in image quality, but it has a
very annoying audio problem, where the audio volume pulsates several
times a second. You can't hear it in ordinary dialog. You can hear it
best in certain types of music (with long, steady notes) and in
clapping. Here is a clip of it:

I figured it was some type of interference. I tried disconnecting the
cooling fans but that didn't help. I've connected it straight to the
incoming feed to make sure it wasn't a bad cable or connector or too
many splitters, but that didn't help either.


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