[mythtv-users] ComCast Digital

Ben Kamen bkamen at benjammin.net
Mon Feb 1 06:32:45 UTC 2010

So I've combined my pcHDTV-5500, 3000 and PVR-350 in the same box and followed the instructions for adding the digital channels.

I tried using scte65scan to no avail.. (I tried a full scan since I don't know the VCT_ID and the scan didn't show anything hinting. Googling the web summed up that since my area hasn't shut off analog yet, they probably aren't transmitting full scte info yet.)

So I went through and just hand edited the entries throught mythweb to get them working since there aren't that many channels to deal with.

On our digital system, we have channels in SD on digital and HD on digital. (same OTA station presented on 2 channels)

Now, I also have analog which I'd like to keep using, but some of the channel numbers are the same.

So in my reading, it looks like it's safe to have Analog WBUI (in the PVR-350) on the same station and "channel number" as Digital WBIU SD and OTA WBIU in HD on the same channel as Digital WBIU from cable.

This way I can pick a show and and let the card input priorities do the rest.

Yes?  I was worried having stations with the same channel number and station ID  would be hairy business.


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