[mythtv-users] Replacement for Gyration Wireless KB/Air Mouse?

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Fri Dec 31 16:52:44 UTC 2010

I have a Gyration wireless KB and "Air Mouse" (doesn't need a surface) 
combo. The keyboard has a few keys getting flaky, I'm having to clean 
the contacts weekly, and it's getting worse.

I've looked at the little Lenovo "Hornbook" unit, and I just came across 


I've got used to having a small keyboard next to my recliner, though I 
don't use the Air Mouse much at all. It's got to where I can find the 
proper key(s) without even looking, and some functions really need a KB, 
and I dislike on-screen keyboards.

I also have a Hauppauge remote set up, for the use of guests or others 
who want a "remote" experience.

So I'd like to get something to replace the mini-sized Gyration 
keyboard, and this looks like a likely candidate, at a reasonable price.

Is anyone aware of a (perhaps) better small wireless keyboard? I have a 
really small bluetooth KB, but it's too tiny (cigarette pack size). If 
anyone knows of a source for the Gyration unit a direct replacement 
would be OK as well.

I'll probably just risk the $30 on the above unit, unless someone has a 
better suggestion.

TIA for any info.

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