[mythtv-users] Failing database upgrade from mythtv 0.20 to 0.23

Jeffrey Yeo jwyeo2 at yahoo.ca
Fri Dec 31 07:43:40 UTC 2010

I've finally decided to upgrade my mythtv box after many years of being an 
ignored appliance.  

I am upgrading from MythTV 0.20 running on Gentoo to Mythbuntu 10.10 (MythTV 
0.23).  I downloaded mythconverg_backup.pl and used it to backup my old 
database.  When I attempted to restore the data, I appear to have run into the 
partial corruption problem.  If I read the mythconverg_backup file names 
correctly, my old schema was 1160 (!!).  

I have found and followed a number of upgrade instructions: 

But now seem to be stuck at "Data base corruption detected. Unable to proceed 
with database upgrade. (Table: oldrecorded, Warnings 41)".   As one of the posts 
stated, with data for over 3000 recorded shows I would rather not start again. 

Is there any way to recover the data? 



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