[mythtv-users] F14 PVR-150 and LIRC

Dave Alverson davemyth at test.xetron.com
Thu Dec 30 22:52:49 UTC 2010

I recently upgraded from Fedora 12 to 14. I have a PVR-150 that I use  
for the IR receiver. It has an IR-blaster that I am not using. The  
fedora software is up to date with kernel   
I've seen some of the other threads and it looks like I need to use  
lirc_zilog now.  When I first did a modprobe lirc_zilog (without the  
haup-ir-blaster.bin firmware file) I got a hard lockup of the system  
shortly after the modprobe.

Later I had the firmware file installed and had booted into run level  
3 so I could see any messages.  When I did a modprobe lirc_zilog  
debug=1, it loaded fine. To get some debugging info, I did an rmmod,  
moved the firmware file and did the modprobe again. I didnt get any of  
the debug prints or the oops on the console (maybe they were on  
another virtual tty), but I did get some oops logged thru syslog, that  
looked similar to RH bug #635045.

So with the firmware file there, its working.  What's the best way to  
get that module loaded at startup before lirc runs. I currently have a  
small hack to the lirc init script.

I do seem to get repeated codes a lot (press it once but it acts like  
I pressed it twice). If I do real short taps of the buttons it usually  
doesn't repeat.  Are there any settings in the lirc.conf file to keep  
it from repeating unless I hold it longer?

I have /dev/lirc0 and lirc1.  Is lirc1 for the irblaster side?


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