[mythtv-users] SeriesID

Raymond Wagner raymond at wagnerrp.com
Wed Dec 29 17:41:20 UTC 2010

On 12/29/2010 12:11, Greg Oliver wrote:
> I'm making some changes to mythvidexport.py to accommodate when some
> episodes of series I watch do not have metadata, and from the series I
> have examined and plan to export, the season and episode numbers are
> in the seriesid.

No.  Seriesid and programid often have the season and episode number, 
but they are just a guaranteed unique ID used by your guide data 
provider.  There is no standard format used by them, nor is the season 
or episode number required to take any part in the generation of those 
IDs.  If they were reliably usable, I would have used them in the first 
place instead of doing a title/subtitle search for TV shows.

> I am basically just going to make it fall back to listing data rather
> than generic if nothing is found, but the only way I can see to get
> the season/episode is from seriesid.

I forgot to do so when updating the script for 0.24 and the new grabber 
interface, but I've done so now.  The script now (or rather again) takes 
a --listingonly tag, that skips the metadata grab, and applies the 
non-generic format string to the existing EPG data.

> Modifying generic to include the subtitle is the only other
> alternative I can think of - I never really looked until recently, and
> when it is falling back to generic, it just overwrites the previous

The export formats are not statically defined.  You can set a new 
generic format string that includes '%SUBTITLE%'.  See --printformat and 

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