[mythtv-users] lirc, hdpvr, and IR blaster

Michael Lynch lynchmv at gmail.com
Wed Dec 29 02:51:08 UTC 2010

>> Out of curiosity, have you gotten a single blaster to change channels on
>> the Dish STB? I've been trying to get my HD-PVR to control a Bell 9241
>> (which is a rebadged Dish VIP612) for near 4 weeks now (see various
>> posts under "Need Help: HD-PVR IRBlaster", which seems to have hit a
>> dead end). As near as I can tell, the codes to control satellite boxes
>> via an IR Blaster connected to an HD-PVR flat out will not work.
> Hi Martin,
> No, I have not gotten a single blaster to control the satellite box yet.  I
> only have the MCE remote working.
> I have been reading the various HD-PVR threads including yours and was
> hoping someone who had a working solution would chime in.
> At this point, I am happy to by a third party blaster if it will make my
> life easier.  Any suggestions?
> Anyone controlling multiple vip 211's and willing to share their configs?
> Michael

Guys, I've got a VIP222k and use the attached files to control the
box, via the blaster.  I have just run the blaster out of the HDPVR
and taped it to the front of the STB, right near the eye.

resetsound.sh is a script I found around here that has fixed my lip
sync issue when recording from my Dish STB so I figured I'd share it
too if you need it.
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