[mythtv-users] Storage Groups, Mythvideo and metadata mayhem

Phil Wild philwild at gmail.com
Wed Dec 29 02:40:10 UTC 2010

> > Can someone suggest where I should be looking?
> If you want to add metadata, turn off file browse mode, scan for
> files, and query metadata on items.
> Robert

Hi Robert,

I'll try this. Is this a change in how mythvideo works?

What is the metadata option of "Enable metadata in file browse mode" for then?

... Just tried this before sending the email...

If I turn off file browse mode, then I do see metadata, but only for
some items. The items without metadata are no longer visible though.
If I switch back to file browse mode so that I can see all items, then
I can no longer see metadata so I can not determine which items I need
to download metadata for. This seems quite counter-intuitive.

I am so sure I used to see all the metadata in file browse mode. Has
something in the code changed? This is the mode that I usually live

I am pretty sure my problems started about a week after I added a new
2TB hard drive and moved all my video files to the new drive. I did
create a soft link though to maintain the structure as the same as it


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