[mythtv-users] lirc, hdpvr, and IR blaster

mythtv at blandford.net mythtv at blandford.net
Wed Dec 29 01:23:49 UTC 2010


I made the decision to upgrade from OTA to using dish network.

I purchased two HD-PVR's and two VIP211 Dish network receivers.

I have these installed and they seem to be capturing data just fine.

However, I am totally confused on how to properly configure lirc to use 
the blaster on the hd-pvr to control both receivers.

On the back end, I also have a mce receiver, but it is in another room 
via a USB->cat5->USB connector, so I can't really use the blaster on it.

So, Can anyone give me some guidance on configuring lirc for Fedora 14 

So, here is the situation:

1) MCE remote for mythfrontend control ( on the backend )
2) Two hd-pvrs with IR blasters to control receivers

I am not sure how to blend/merge/manage the lirc files to include the 
MCE, add the two IR blasters, and keep everything separate.

Any guidance or examples would be appreciated.


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