[mythtv-users] Connecting an IP camera (elro c800ip mjpeg) ?

Rob Meijer capibara at xs4all.nl
Tue Dec 28 14:20:04 UTC 2010

I have an elro c800ip camera that I realy would like to connect to my
mythtv backend. The camera has a build in web server with a java interface
for accesing the live images, but after having looked at the ip data with
tcpdump and grep, it turns out that on http::/<cameraip>/MJPEG.CGI the
camera will produce a continuous mjpeg stream to the web browser so the
java isn't realy needed to access the video. Would it given this be
possible in any way to connect the camera to my mythtv back-end? If it is,
I really could use some pointers on how to do this. If it isn't (yet), I'm
not afraid to code something up myself if I was toled where for something
like this should start looking to write something to plug into.


Rob Meijer

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