[mythtv-users] Channel History back/fwd questions

Dave Richardson mythtv at derdev.com
Mon Dec 27 14:38:37 UTC 2010

 Can someone elaborate on how Channel History (letter "h" command?) 
 works??  [I'm away from my FE and am using wiki/googling today to plan 
 some changes tonight.]

 In regard to Channel History, the documentation says that each click of 
 "h" during LiveTV will tune to the previous channel relative to some 
 list maintained by the FE?  Any background on how that list is created 
 and maintained?  (i.e. is it new per LiveTV session, maintained on/per 

 CASE: If I tuned (oldest to newest) channels 2 -> 5 -> 7 -> 9 and then 
 pressed "h" once, I would be tuned from *9* back to *7*?  Click "h" 
 again and I revert further to *5*?

 The channel history sequence is literal correct?  If I tuned to 2 -> 5 
 -> 5 -> 5 -> 5 and hit "h", it just pops the first *5* off the stack and 
 retunes to the previous *5*?  (i.e. the "h" command doesn't try to 
 out-think silly user tricks - in this case would it return to the first 
 dissimilar value == *2*?)

 I assume it is possible to reach the end of the available Channel 
 History?  If so, what happens onscreen (general description)?  [i.e. 
 "End of Channel History" is shown]

 Finally, is there a channel history FORWARD command/key?   If I tuned 2 
 -> 5 -> 7 -> 9, then hit "h" and "h", I should be on *5*, and then I 
 click "_somekey_"??  and am put forward one position on the channel 
 history list to *7*...
 I don't see a key reference to this capability, is that possible?  If 
 so, How please?


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