[mythtv-users] Need help getting lineup changes from Schedules Direct reflected in MythTV

Craig Huff huffcslists at gmail.com
Sun Dec 26 02:48:24 UTC 2010

I found a couple of obsolete channels that were still selected in my
Schedules Direct lineup and one that had been moved to a channel
previously disabled.  After making the changes in SD and saving, I
tried to get MythTV to show the revised channel lineup.  I'm still
trying to figure out how to get this fixed.  After I did the changes
in SD, I went into backend setup (both before and after doing
mythfilldatabase --dd-grab-all and the mythfilldatabase run that
MythBuntu offers to do after exiting backend setup) to update A) Video
Sources, B) Input Connections | Fetch channels from listings source,
and then check Channel Editor screen for changes, but can't seem to
get the obsolete channels to drop out or to get newly activated
channel to be found.

While I'm doing more research on my own, maybe someone can tell me
where I'm going wrong and save me some time?


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