[mythtv-users] mythweb does not use 24 hour clock

Bob Sully rcs at malibyte.net
Fri Dec 24 17:25:58 UTC 2010

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>    1. Re: [UK] BBC HD and BBC ONE HD - recording length incorrect
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>    2. mythweb does not use 24 hour clock (Ismo Tanskanen)
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> From: Ismo Tanskanen <ismot at telemail.fi>
> I can't set 24h clock in mythweb
> If I change it in mythweb settings/tv (time format 09:00/09:00 ->
> 09:00/21:00) and save, it just moves back to default 09:00/09:00 if I go
> to other mythweb page and then back. I also tried to change %I to %H in
> date format fields, same issue.
> Then I changed mythweb-sessions settings direct to database (I changed
> all %I to %H), but when I log in to mythweb, it changes them back.
> So, I can't get 24h clock work, and here in finland, there is no am/pm
> markings, so I don't know if time shows morning or evening..
> I'm using 0.24 stable branch revision 27419
> With my old server and 0.21, it works as expected.
> Any suggestions?
> Thanks, Kane

I just tried this as well, with the same results.  I use the 24h clock
format everywhere else; it's not a big issue for me, but for the OP, if it
 doesn't display "AM" or "PM", I can see how that would be a headache.

I'm running the latest 0.24-fixes rev.

I have also noticed (for a while) that, on the "Recorded Programs" screen,
if I select anything other than "All Recordings", I get a monologue box
saying "Warning: Mo matching programs found. Showing all programs." -
whereupon it goes back to "All Recordings" in the drop box.  With 1.4TiB
of recorded programs on the system, it would be nice not to have to scroll
through all of them to find one episode of a series...  ;-)

So...two Mythweb issues.  Didn't mean to hijack; figured the fix for the
two problems may be similar.

Bob Sully - Simi Valley, California, USA

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