[mythtv-users] Build a robust FE - irritated with IONs

Paul Gardiner lists at glidos.net
Fri Dec 24 01:47:30 UTC 2010

On 24/12/2010 00:10, Brian Wood wrote:
> On Thursday, December 23, 2010 04:57:29 pm Keith Edmunds wrote:
>> Amen to all that. I have an ION330HT, dedicated FE only, and I get
>> visible artefacts (I think it's called "combing"), loss of audio
>> sync, some stuttering with subtitles (not quite so bad with the
>> latest 0.24-fixes).
> "Combing" or "Mouse Teeth" is an interlacing artifact, and the IONs
> can't do the most effective forms of de-interlacing.

I haven't read every bit of this thread, so perhaps I've missed the
point, but my ION board seems to play back 1080i fine. I have to
use Temporal x2, but that seems to do a really good job. Before
buying the board, I'd read that it couldn't handle Advanced x2,
and that Temporal x2 wasn't as good, so I was expecting to be
really dissappointed, but it seems to give really a sharp image
with smooth motion, and no noticeable artifacts. I don't know
what more you can expect from a deinterlacer.

One strange thing is that I see combs when I pause playback,
which I never saw before when using yadif and software decoding
of SD.


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