[mythtv-users] Remote admin (was HVR-2250 Analog trials)

faginbagin mythtv at hbuus.com
Thu Dec 23 19:28:31 UTC 2010

Hi Doug,

Regarding your parents' Christmas present, I thought it might be useful 
to share some tips on remotely administering a Myth system for family & 
friends. Perhaps you've got this covered, but just in case:

1) get your parents a domain name.

On your parent's computer and/or router:
2) set up some form of dynamic dns on either their router or myth box 
(e.g. ddclient).
3) set up ssh with a non standard port.
4) set up apache with a non standard port and make sure mythweb is 
password protected.
5) configure their router to pass through the non standard ports to the 
myth box.
6) set up x11vnc with a password on their myth box.

On your computer:
1) make sure you can connect via ssh to their myth box with an ssh 
tunnel configured on port 5900.
2) make sure you can connect a vnc viewer over the ssh tunnel to their 
myth box's X display using localhost:5900.

Don't shoot me, but I use winxp on a thinkpad laptop with putty and 
tightvnc for the above. I have found that doing the same with a ubuntu 
desktop distro is a lot slower and less reliable. Maybe it's the 
wireless driver or the available vnc clients for linux or the video 
driver support for my 6 year old thinkpad.

Get them an external hard drive and plan to make backups of their 
recordings and database (at a minimum) when you visit. Once they start 
using myth, they won't be happy if they lose their recordings due to a 
hard drive going bad.


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