[mythtv-users] Build a robust FE - irritated with IONs

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> Subject: [mythtv-users] Build a robust FE - irritated with IONs
>  I forget if it's been Robert's axe to grind about the IONs being 
>  underpowered, but... I've just about had it with my IONs.  
> (ZOTAC C-U, 
>  B-somethings)
>  I have one specific FE that I really want to have perform 
> well and this 
>  ION mITX stuff amounts to half-a-solution and lot of wasted 
> time tuning. 
>  Yeah, Myth's a hobby, but if the point of the hobby is to actually 
>  WATCH something instead of tinkering and tuning, then I want 
> to think 
>  about some gear that isn't so marginal.
>  Main complaint: truly high quality vdpau playback isn't consistently 
>  possible and seems to require quite a bit of tuning and fiddling to 
>  sustain.  For me, this makes a credible case against Comcast HD DVR 
>  difficult to support.
>  What specs would put forth a quiet-as-possible FE that had some real 
>  balls, was ideally fanless/quiet, and didn't need a lot of tuning to 
>  kick ass?
>  Basically, spec something that doesn't breathe hard when I watch the 
>  damned nightly news (yes, you may laugh that I watch the news - it's 
>  kind of a metaphor anyways)
>  Anyone else feel this pain?  Is it just as simple as getting 
> into the 
>  GT 2xx chips/cards?
>  < /late night rant>
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I have 3 IONs and have been having trouble playing back anything with a
decent AV sync.  They seem powerful enough and I think I am using VDPAU
normal on them, but the AV sync swings so much it is distracting.  If it
were always a fixed amount of time off, I could adjust for that.  But there
are times, even within the same 30 minute show where the sync will be find,
then it will be as much as .5 seconds off.  

Very frustrating, and only started to occur with 0.24.  I keep thinking that
others must be having the same problems and that I only need to wait for a
fix but now I'm starting to believe that it must be just on my setup.  I
would downgrade to 0.23 but I don't want to restore to a DB backup that is
several months old now.

For those that are having success with IONs, can you post what sort of
settings you have for X, nvidia-settings, type of refresh sync (opengl,
xvideo, etc) or anything else you can think of that would cause AV sync
issues?  I am using VDPAU and ALSA to either HDMI or spdif, compositing is
disabled - pretty basic but I must be missing something.

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