[mythtv-users] ION + VDPAU + no composite and still tearing

James Courtier-Dutton james.dutton at gmail.com
Wed Dec 22 16:36:22 UTC 2010

On 19 December 2010 10:44, Brian J. Murrell <brian at interlinx.bc.ca> wrote:
> I've got a Revo 1600 which, as you know, has an ION chipset in it, so
> quite VDPAU capable, however I am still experiencing some quite nasty
> tearing.  I've made sure composite is disabled in my xorg.conf:

The Nvidia driver has a mode called "scaling mode".
By default this is set to "Full".
Set it to "None".   (The nvidia-settings tool can be used to set this.)

xrandr --prop    (will tell you what mode it is currently using.)

In "Full" mode, the refresh rate and video modeline seen by the user
application can be different from the refresh rate and modeline seen
by the TV attached to the ION graphics card.
You therefore see tearing.
When switched to "None", the video modeline seen by the application
matches that of the TV and tearing disappears.

Also, enabling OpenGL instead of QT output mode in mythfrontend seems
to help the tearing, but I don't know why.

Kind Regards


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