[mythtv-users] Small text in menu popup

Lennart Gilander lennart at gilander.se
Wed Dec 22 11:35:06 UTC 2010

Just installed a fresh Muthbuntu installation and have problems with the
font size in the music screen info/menu popup (hitting the 'i' or 'm'
I'm having a playlist I need to update but can hardly read the menu.

Follow this sequence:  Select Utilities/Setup -> Music Tools -> Select
Music -> All My Playlists -> Strike the Right Arrow key -> Strike m or
The menu that pops up has a text size of just a few pixels, almost

Have tried to find the font specification but to no avail, guess it is
in one of the base.xml files but have not managed to find it. Have also
searced the music-ui.xml file.

Had a similar problem in the video gui and managed to fix it by
editing .../themes/default-wide/video-ui.xml, the section <window
name="gallery">  ->  <buttonlist name="videos"> and changing <textarea
name="buttontext"> font to 'basesmaller' (was 'menufont').
Suppose it is something similar here but just can't find it.

GUI: MythCenter-wide (are seeing the same problem using 'MythCenter')
Screen resolution: 1360x768

Lennart G

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