[mythtv-users] When Installing a second Pinnacle tuner card, it's default configuration is analog, not the QAM Samsung my first card has.

Ron Harm rharm49 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 21 15:37:59 UTC 2010

> I suspect you have a dead card.. do you have another system you can use to
> check it out?

> It may be worth looking closely at the card for any obvious physical
> or any debris that could be bridging any contacts or connections. I've
> generally found PCI cards to be pretty robust (unless they are seriously
> abused!)

I've looked at the card but didn't see anything obviously wrong with it.  I
bought it used from a place on amazon.com and they have given me my money
back, without wanting the card.  I have one other card I've tried to make
work and only got it partially working.  I could start a new email thread on
that I supose.
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