[mythtv-users] Help with the new theme download requirements for the git Master branch

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Tue Dec 21 13:06:41 UTC 2010

* On Mon Dec 20, 2010 at 10:09:54PM -0600, John Nissley wrote:
> I did not see any activity in the logs related to downloading anything.
> My backend is run as root and I do see that the arclight theme is in the
> cache directory on my master backend but the frontends can not seem to get
> the theme from the cache.  I do not see anything in the logs when I try to

Which directory are you referring to?  The master backend should download the
theme .zip package into the ~/.mythtv/tmp directory (the 'Temp' Storage Group
as mentioned in my othe response in this thread).  The themecache directory is
a cache of scaled images, it isn't part of the theme downloader unless you're
referring to ~/.mythtv/themecache/THEMENAME.YOURRESOLUTION/themechooser/.
That directory is just a cache of metainfo about the themes which can be

> download a theme.  The interesting thing is that I can do a refresh
> downloadable themes and get all the themes to populate on the screen but
> when I select one can not get it to download.  My master backend has access
> to the internet because I can ping yahoo.com and get a response.

The refresh you are talking about happens on the frontend.  The frontend itself
downloads the metainfo .zip package from the theme download site.  The actual
theme itself is downloaded on the backend and then downloaded to the
frontend from the backend.  This is to save bandwidth and speed up subsequent
installs of the same theme on multiple frontends.

If all else fails, you can privately email me the relevant portions of your
frontend and backend logs starting both with "-v file,network,extra".  That
should include everything necessary for me to see the various downloads by
the frontend and backend.


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