[mythtv-users] HVR-2250 Analog trials

Devin Heitmueller dheitmueller at kernellabs.com
Mon Dec 20 14:24:22 UTC 2010

On Mon, Dec 20, 2010 at 9:20 AM, Doug Lytle <support at drdos.info> wrote:
> If you're trying to set up the HVR-2250, analog mode, in Myth, the HVR-2250
> will not show under IVTV MPEG-2 Encoder card, but once you put in the device
> location (i.e. /dev/video0 and /dev/video1), Myth will all of a sudden see
> the card).

How is this different from any other encoder card?  I'm pretty sure
that all MPEG encoder cards require you to enter the device node path
in order for them to work.


Devin J. Heitmueller - Kernel Labs

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