[mythtv-users] Anyone had success with 1st generation appletv and the crystalhd card under 0.24-fixes

MacLaren, James M maclaren at tulane.edu
Sun Dec 19 15:23:08 UTC 2010

I have an apple tv with a crystalhd card model BCM970015 installed
running xbmc and the plugin mythbox.  All of my hdpvr and hdhomerun
recording play perfectly.  Cpu usage between 50-75%.  However, I have
been unable to get things to play without a lot of stuttering on
0.24-fixes.  In order to have hdmi audio I have read that one needs the
NVIDIA 100.14.19 driver and that this only compiles on ubuntu 8.04.
So, I installed the crystalbuntu image on my apple tv which sets that up
under ubuntu 8.04 with xbmc and then compiled 0.24-fixes.  If I have 16
dma buffers in the crystal hd (latest git version) I get stuttering
video and audio under runs in the frontend log.  I reduced that to 8,
which is what is recommended for low memory units,and then I get perfect
audio and a frozen picture.  This occurs for 720p h.264 recording and
1080i mpeg2 recordings.  In the audio set up I scanned for devices and
used alsa:hdmi.  Changing the buffers from 16 to 8 does not seem to
impact xbmc.


Has anyone had success with this setup or got any suggestions on how to
proceed.  I have compiled the latest trunk but not tried yet as that
would require upgrading my remote backend too.





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