[mythtv-users] Problems with fast forwarding through live TV

Duncan McDonald duncan.john.mcdonald at gmail.com
Sat Dec 18 11:14:37 UTC 2010

Hi folks,

Ever since upgrading to 0.24 I seem to have a problem with skipping through
TV - if I skip through a show that has not ended (i.e. within its timeslot)
it works fine, if I try and skip through a show that has been left recording
and a subsequent show has come on (i.e. pause it and leave it recording over
multiple different shows) then try and fast forward something odd happens,
it seems to skip to the beginning of the show I was originally watching and
then if I try and fast forward it will only fast forward a second or so (no
matter what the duration of the timeskip).

I'm using version 5aa7665 and this has been happening to me for quite a few
revisions (ever since I upgraded to 0.24, this feature worked perfectly in
0.23). What details can I provide to help diagnose this? I can reproduce
this at any time so if I need to enable log categories please fire them at
me! I've upgraded my frontend install to 'c81a3d7' but not started using it

I've been having a slightly more random problem with the EPG as well in that
when I load it sometimes I get the progress indicator ('Please wait...') the
EPG will load up correctly with the preview image at the top right hand
corner but the progress indicator won't go away (and I have to restart the
process), this is happening with the Mythbuntu theme (if that helps!), this
happens fairly infrequently and is difficult to reproduce so I'm not too
bothered about it. :-)

Thank you!
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