[mythtv-users] Cable or dish

Russ Van Winkle russ.vanwinkle at gmail.com
Sat Dec 18 02:30:12 UTC 2010

> I'd like to just be able to unplug the
> antenna and plug in the "magic plug", update my channel setup and be
> off and running.

As long as you already have the antenna in place, I'd recommend
leaving it so if you decide to go for a satellite provider.  You'll
need different capture hardware for the satellite channels in any
case, and you can choose not to pay extra for your locals via
satellite.  Alternatively, you can get the locals via satellite in
addition to your OTA antenna and perform more simultaneous recordings
if you wish.

For cable, you might be able to use the same tuner card as you have
been for OTA, in which case this doesn't apply.

Russ D. Van Winkle

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