[mythtv-users] Bluray/m2ts high bitrate and resolution tips

Greg Oliver oliver.greg at gmail.com
Fri Dec 17 21:13:14 UTC 2010

I just got a bluray drive for my backend, and also have a a lot of
camcorder files in the same format.  I have been trying unsuccessfully
to make the playback smoother, so wanted to see what others are doing
- other tnan transcoding  :)

The required network peaks at about a constant 45 mb/s for my
camcorder files, and the bd movies I have copied off seem to max at
42, although the raw content is 36, so the IP and Myth overhead.

My main issue is seeking.  To a remote frontend (revo 1600) it is
almost unplayable if I try and seek.  I can literally wait about a
minute for a seek to complete.   I just had a thought to build a seek
table for these, so I will try that.  On the machine it is stored on,
it is quite a bit better, but it is a beefy machine, so I would expect
it to be very good.  Reading about the HD Ringbuffer size makes me
think it is irrelevant in regards to this, and changing it seems to
not make a difference.

Does anyone have any tips to improve the playback experience?



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