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On Wed, Dec 15, 2010 at 12:09 PM, Andre <mythtv-list at dinkum.org.uk> wrote:

> On 15 Dec 2010, at 07:34, zito skeete wrote:
> >
> > LNB setup has been a long-time problem with DVB-S configuration (IME
> > and based on following this list) - the mythtv-setup rewrite should
> > hopefully make configuration a lot simpler.
> >
> > I will attempt to do so later. In all cases the LNB status showed
> "Unconnected". I have a question though, what exactly do I need to do to fix
> the LNB status? Do you mean the 2nd method that I listed in my original
> post, i.e:
> >
> > Capture card -> DiSEqC in the configuration of the capture card ->
> "(Unconnected)" -> switch -> switch Type - DiSEqC, number of port 2 -> ESC
> -> "(Unconnected)" -> LNB from the list (switch, rotor, LNB) -> "Universal
> (Europe)"
> >
> > The dish is not accessible to me since I live in a shared flat, so I
> cannot do anything wrt LNB on the dish itself.
> Usually a communal system installed in flats is configured to look the same
> to MythTV as a regular universal LNB, so there is no need to configure
> switch ports only: LNB type Universal.
> The setup page is not very obvious for LNB's, it's easy to think you have
> selected something then it's cancelled as you exit the screen! I've been
> confused by this one many times, make sure when you go in to the capture
> card disecq button it shows LNB straight away, if not go select it again and
> use the finish button, don't use esc.
> Some systems have more complicated ways to access additional satellites
> through a diseqc switch but it's very unlikely you have this sort of thing
> in a flat in the UK. Most people want to use a Sky box and the sky box
> doesn't know how to operate a switch so the system must be very simple.
> Andre

Thanks for the input. I have solved the problem with respect to mythtv-setup
not picking up any channel from Freesat on my DVB-S card. After getting the
rest of my accessory, it turned out that it was poor connection at ends of
the coaxial cable with the 'screw-in' F connector. After making sure that
the F connectors are securely fixed, I rescanned and I got all Freesat
channels in mythtv-setup.

My MythTV system is in the room next to the tv/satellite wall feed, so I had
to string the two cables (freeview + freesat) through an existing small hole
near the corner of wall as getting a longer cable around the house is out of
question because there is already a set of different cables in the sheath.
Thus the need for cut-cable in my current case.

Now however, this seems to only made my freeview DVB-T & USB feed (both from
same cable feed) really bad as the signal strength in many channels notable
Channel 5, Channel 4 and ITV dropped below 50% in MythTV and I cannot get
signal lock before the screen goes black. I tested the DVB-T/USB system by
removing the satellite connection from the wall connector and my PC and it
worked fine. I don't know whether it was because of poor shielding (?) in
the wall connectors or the DVB-S PCI card is too close to DVB-T PCI card (it
is separated by one empty slot so not next to each others), it cannot really
be the latter as I have tested the USB signal alone. I have a plug-in signal
booster but it seems to make no difference. The MythTV system seems to very
sensitive to low signal strength as I tested the feed via my TV with a
freeview box and it seems fine enough although I noticed a drop in signal

Sorry if I'm going slightly off topic, would a diplexer help? A diplexer at
the wall feed with one cable carrying both freeview and freesat and another
diplexer to reverse the signal into freeview and freesat at another end,
such diplexer like this one:

Otherwise I'm almost out of idea.

best regards,
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