[mythtv-users] HD PVR and IR transmitter for channel change (why)

Ramin K ramin-list at badapple.net
Thu Dec 16 23:04:54 UTC 2010

On 12/16/2010 12:54 PM, Brian Wood wrote:
> Dos anyone know why they changed the product ID? Is there any difference
> other than the ID?
> I have an older (Rev C1) unit that works fine, does this mean I would
> need to have two different setups if I buy a second one?
> I do get the "untested firmware" warning in the logs, but things seem to
> work OK, though I only use analog audio.

The HD-PVR that returns 4903 says Rev F1 on the bottom rather than Rev 
E3 which is what the last 4902 machines had on their sticker. As far as 
I can tell there is no difference in functionality and I'm using them 
interchangeably with IR under Fedora 14.


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