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Jacob Mansfield cyberjacob at gmail.com
Thu Dec 16 21:57:38 UTC 2010

just realized that somebody else might have come accross this problem here,
and might be able to help me
Jacob Mansfield

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From: Jacob Mansfield <cyberjacob at gmail.com>
Date: 16 December 2010 21:53
Subject: network drives & wireless
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I have been trying to configure ubuntu to connect to some cifs shares over a
wireless connection, I realise that if I want this to be done automatically
they must have entries in fstab but this causes the system to hang as
network manages has not started and the computer has no network connections.
to solve this problem I have installed wicd which detects my wireless
network but will not connect to it.
could anybody sujest how to overcome this problem, I realise that simply
mounting the drives after nm has started would work however it would need
non root users to be able to mount drives which would be a MAJOR security
risk. for this system manually entering commands on startup is not an option
as it will be a keyboard- and mouse-less system controlled by a blue-tooth

thanks in advance for all the help
Jacob Mansfield
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