[mythtv-users] Avoiding hard disk full messages

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Thu Dec 16 19:11:27 UTC 2010

  On 12/16/2010 02:03 PM, The GUIGuy wrote:
> No, they were warnings and I was prevented from performing an update
> that needed 17MB of free space.
> I subsequently found a couple of files in /var that I could delete.
> I notice /var/mythtv/recordings has a couple of thousand files in it, 
> amounting to about 1.6T, yet the recording list in mythtv is empty. I 
> would have thought the mythtv housekeeping would be more timely?

Housekeeping does not involve deleting files that aren't in the 
database.  Believe it or not, MythTV will not delete files that aren't 
its own.  :)

Likely you need to see:


and if that's not the problem, you should run:


to verify that the files are not associated with any database metadata.  
If they're truly orphaned video files, you can then delete them with rm 
(which is easy to do by taking the output of find_orphans.py, putting it 
in an editor and using search/replace to change the list of orphaned 
video files (and snapshots) to

rm /srv/mounts/twotb_1/video/2054_20080225110000.mpg
rm /srv/mounts/myth0_1/video/4122_20101013113500.mpg.png



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