[mythtv-users] Avoiding hard disk full messages

Clay ctmythtv at pacbell.net
Thu Dec 16 19:11:35 UTC 2010

The GUIGuy wrote:
> On 17/12/10 05:56, Greg Oliver wrote:
>> They are probably just the system's checks.  You can turn off "Disk
>> Notifications" under Preferences->Startup Applications to disable
>> these..
> Hi Greg,
> No, they were warnings and I was prevented from performing an update
> that needed 17MB of free space.
> I subsequently found a couple of files in /var that I could delete.
> I notice /var/mythtv/recordings has a couple of thousand files in it, 
> amounting to about 1.6T, yet the recording list in mythtv is empty. I 
> would have thought the mythtv housekeeping would be more timely?
> Thanks

There's an ap (mysql?) that writes a ton of log files. It bit me once 
with a full partition. After googling a bit I found where to change the 
quantity of logs to keep.
Sadly, crs has set in so I don't recall the specifics...

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