[mythtv-users] Hardware Suggestion for under $1,000

jedi jedi at mishnet.org
Thu Dec 16 16:09:35 UTC 2010

On Thu, Dec 16, 2010 at 12:28:32PM +0000, Richard Morton wrote:
> Blake,
> Unfortunately as hardware such as motherboards are replaced at a very rapid
> rate it is hard to keep a list of supported boards up to date, and it is
> more a linux issue than a myth issue.

    Yes. A general Google search will be more useful here. You can also try
searching for results for individual bits of hardware on either the Ubuntu
or Gentoo forums. Both are pretty good for "general linux" information.

    Sites like NewEgg also seem to have useful feedback from users.

> For a backend you do not need much processing power except for transcoding,
> commflagging and other user jobs. A core i5 is certainly going to be
> sufficient or overkill.
> 4gb ram is certainly what i would be looking at. Plus a drive for the os and
> db to be on, storage to be kept on other drives. Whether you choose to use
> raid is dependant on how valuable you think of recordings... but dont forget
> to have a proper backup all storage being kept on a single online raid is

    Definitely back up your database. The rest of the system can be rebuilt
relatively easily but your database contains all of the recording rules and
individual tweaks you will make to your system. 

    Ideally back it up to another system so that you have it in the case of 
a total failure of your master backend.

    Separate your recordings from your database for IO/performance reasons.

    I have multiple disks setup in an LVM for my recordings. Whenever I have
disk issues, I just remove the offending disk and rebuild the volume.


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