[mythtv-users] Black screen on exiting MythMusic since 0.24

Neil Cooper neilcoo at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Dec 14 22:29:39 UTC 2010

Hi all,

Since installing 0.24 (complete fresh reformat/install from ISO) I always get a black screen after exiting MythMusic. The frontend is apparently still running and working fine, its just no longer visible.

This is still happening even with the most current daily build (I added the daily builds repository to synaptic so my updates are minty fresh). 

I believe the frontend is still running even though I can't see it, as I can press the "back" button on my remote the correct number of times to come up the menu structure and exit the frontend, then the Mythwelcome screen shows up just fine. From there I can rerun the frontend again just fine (until I exit mythmusic again).

Not sure if it's relevant info but my configuration is OpenGL drawing and VDPAU playback, using most recent nVidia proprietary driver and motherboard has nVidia GeForce 9400 onboard.

Same configuration used to work fine with MythTv 0.23.


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