[mythtv-users] Disable the 'M' and 'I' menus in some screens.

Kevin Kuphal kkuphal at gmail.com
Tue Dec 14 21:40:40 UTC 2010

On Tue, Dec 14, 2010 at 3:06 PM, Chris Tepe <cstepe at ctdataservices.com>wrote:

> I'm trying to make myth more friendly for my kids and I was wondering how I
> can disable the 'M" and 'I' context menus in some screens. Particular the
> mythvideo screen. They are always changing the layout and then can't find
> what they want.  But they need the menu option in watch recordings to switch
> between recording groups. So just removing the key from lirc file is not an
> option.

Tell them to stop pushing M and I?  You can avoid the menu use in Watch
Recordings by using a custom XML menu that has items that start in each of
your recording groups .   What are they using the M and I buttons for in
mythvideo.  When my kids use it, then enter in gallery mode and find the
movie they want and hit play.

Custom menu items information:

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