[mythtv-users] Do I need mythfilldatabase?

dargllun dargllun at googlemail.com
Tue Dec 14 16:09:30 UTC 2010


apologies if this is a stupid question, but when exactly does one need 
to run mythfilldatabase?

I have a combined fe/be, which I power on on demand, and which powers on 
itself for recordings. I have two DVB-T video sources. The first source 
is configured (mythtv-setup) to permanently receive EIT data. I don't 
use any xmltv grabbers.

Until now I tought it might be a good idea to call mythfilldatabase 
before power down (s2disk really) in order to update the EIT info and 
recording information. But I'm not sure if mythfilldatabase is actually 
doing anything valuable on my configuration.

I couldn't find conclusive documentation on this on mythtv.org either, 
but may have overlooked something.


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