[mythtv-users] HDHomeRun Dual Tuner, showing 4 tuners in MythTV .24?

Jack Trout witmore1 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 14 06:48:40 UTC 2010

I am currently running Mythdora 12.23 updated to .24, all boxes using the
most current stable packages,
My Backend is the Primary and only Backend with 2 dedicated Frontends,
I have 2 PVR150s
and a single HDHomeRun Dual Tuner,

I have been running Myth for a long time now but have been of the mindset of
"if it aint broke dont fix it"

while trying to test on my production box the idea of firewire capture, I
added a tuner card for the firewire to my system, and started to notice
slowdowns, and frontends (even the local frontend connected to the backend)
reporting that mythbackend wasnt running, but I would check the services and
it would respond, eventually, but it was timing out trying to poll the
firewire cable box, which at the moment was turned off. so I decided to
delete all the tuners and re-add them.

Up until this point my HDHomeRun would always show up as 2 tuners, 0 and 1,
After re-adding only the 2 cards for 0/1 back into the list, and checking
mythweb status, it was reporting 6 capture devices, instead of 4.

I went back in, made sure to kill all copies of mythbackend, re-ran the
setup deleting all cards and re-adding them. and when done, still reporting
2 PVR tuners, and 4 HDHomeRun tuners.

I decided to test it, and went through mythweb and selected 4 things to
record,  and oddly they all did. and I played around with livetv and when on
one of the tuners with something recording, it seems I can only browse
stations on the same multiplex (my cable company only has the OTA channels
and CSPAN unencrypted, and there are about 4 available multiplexes, so Fox
and ABC are on one multiplex, NBC and CBS are on another, PBS has its own,
CSPAN etc)

I havent seen any mention of this recently as a feature, but my upgrade path
was practically from .21 straight to .24 with a short 2 week stop at .23, I
am not sure if this is common, and if mythtv is capable of knowing not to
try to dedicate the 2 tuners to 4 shows on 4 different multiplexes,

anyone else experiencing this with input? I would feel safer if I could find
a way, to make myth treat these tuners as only 2 tuners, and not 4 with
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