[mythtv-users] Random lockups on Mythbackend

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Mon Dec 13 20:51:52 UTC 2010

On Monday, December 13, 2010 12:51:23 pm dwoody1 wrote:
> On occasion the computer that has Mythbackend will lock up. This
> occurs once every couple of weeks and sometimes three or four times
> in a row. I have done a web search as well as looking through the
> archives of Mythtv and found nothing that comes close to the problem
> I am having. This leads me to believe that I have a setting that is
> completely inappropriate or I have a hardware problem, but this is
> the only failure that I have seen. I am running Fedora 13 with
> Mythtv .24 with all updates for both and 1 Gig of memory. The
> following snippet from the Myth log file may point to a problem but
> I do not understand what it may be indicating. star9.home.com is the
> computer with Mythbackend.

You may have a hardware problem, as you say. Occasional hard locks are 
often hardware related.

I'd run memtest for a couple of days to see if you have RAM problems. 
PSU problems also can cause this type of symptom.

You might try running the machine without Myth to see is you have a 
problem that's not related to Myth. Booting a Live CD of some flavor is 
also a good way to test hardware. Many of them have memtest built-in to 

Re-seating all your cards and DIMMs can also help sometimes.

I assume you also checked the system log for clues, as well as Myth's 

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