[mythtv-users] Recommendation for WD Live/similar player for not-tech-savvy sister?

Bobby Gill brownitus at gmail.com
Mon Dec 13 19:10:21 UTC 2010

> I hadn't realized you were in Canada (I used to live in Peterborough,
> Ontario).
> Bandwidth caps are a problem, but I suspect they are the wave of the
> future in the USA. Funny how they always seem to have enough bandwidth
> for their own VOD services.
Yeah, Brampton here. Bandwidth is really terrible here, and the new CRTC
caving to Bell's billing change is another stake through the heart.

> MKV files sound like they may from that source we do not talk about :-)
> Myka can definitely play MKVs, and I know the upper two WD choices will,
> not certain about the lowest end one.
> But you might as well get a Netflix-capable device, which means the WD is
> probably better in your case.
He he! Yes we will hush hush on sources ;)

Yeah, this is more of a "future-proofing" scenario I think, so the WD looks
to be the right choice.
Neither Myka nor the WD can handle decoding Flash AFAIK.

> I can watch CNN live with my Myka, only by using PlayOn and a third-
> party (but free) lua script. The quality is not that great, but it's
> certainly watchable.
> I can do the same with BBC News, which seems to be more news and less
> "Infotainment" than CNN (who I used to work for, so I can say that).
> PlayOn works by receiving Flash using IE, then transcoding on the fly to
> whatever your playback device can handle ( MPEG2 for an Xbox 360 for
> example), then exporting it via a UPnP server. This requires a fairly
> beefy Windows machine, especially for HD, and may be more complex than
> what you want.
Hmm, yeah I figured since flash is primarily CPU-intensive vs. GPU for
videos on these things it wouldn't do it. This isn't really important, just
a nice little bonus if it was going to be possible, but no biggie. And with
the Myka, are you able to install apps like PlayOn or does that come with
it? I mean, as far as the interface are you able to get into a shell or
something and have your way, or how do you add scripts and apps to it?

> > And I hear ya on the WD dead drives, I just got a 750 back from RMA
> > (which makes the timing pretty good to get my sis this player as I
> > can give her the 320 I was using plugged into the player so she's
> > set!).
> Yeah, but I have run out of vendors to be mad at, so I guess I have to
> start at the beginning again, and as I said, things like that can and do
> happen to all vendors.
Indeed, I have been through it with Maxtor when they were on their own way
back in the day (still remember paying $350 for a 640mb drive lol), to
Seagate to WD. I have to say, I have bought 3 of the Samsung Spinpoint F1s
and zero issues so far (had 2 at the same time for almost a year now).
They're solid.

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