[mythtv-users] Recommendation for WD Live/similar player for not-tech-savvy sister?

Bobby Gill brownitus at gmail.com
Mon Dec 13 17:53:06 UTC 2010

> So either answer would solve his stated problem (and a few other players
> would too), but I suspect his sister *does* want Netflix, even if she
> doesn't realize it yet :-)
You guys have been *extremely* helpful, I graciously thank you for all the
info and excellent points!

However, I'm a canuck and Netflix just opened up in our zone, but there is a
complicated issue with regard to our major ISP (Rogers) throttling Netflix
heavily, as well as the brutal bandwidth usage caps that render Netflix
rather unfeasible unless one has the higher-end accounts (and my sister
barely uses her net, she has some lame 15gb/month cap and would need to
triple her account cost to get the 95gb/month one that I have).

Netflix is *definitely* a consideration and a likelihood once it has
established itself for some months and the complaints with bandwidth caps
get the attention they inevitably will, but really, I can get any show/movie
she needs in HD .mkv, and it's just a nuisance having to convert the doggone
file to a DVD .iso and burn it heh. So it's basically going to be a
.avi/.mkv file-playing situation here, as she lives in an apartment and just
has a laptop, however, what's the deal with Flash playing on these things?
For example if she wants to cancel her cable TV bill and just turn on the WD
Live/Myka/other player and load cnn.com or something to stream the live
feed, is that doable on these??

And I hear ya on the WD dead drives, I just got a 750 back from RMA (which
makes the timing pretty good to get my sis this player as I can give her the
320 I was using plugged into the player so she's set!).
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