[mythtv-users] Ubuntu 10.10 and Intel 855GME

Ken Mandelberg km at mathcs.emory.edu
Mon Dec 13 14:28:44 UTC 2010

I have a Pentium M Laptop with an Intel 855GME which is one of my 
frontends. I run the trunk.

On Ubuntu 9.10 it runs adequately. On Ubuntu 10.10 recordings skip badly 
with the log showing it runs out of video buffers continually.

In both cases its running ffmpeg with xv-blit. In both cases XV is using 
the Intel Overlay driver.

What is strange is that on 10.10, mplayer and xine run without skips. 
vlc skips like MythTV. In all cases I've copied some MythTV recordings 
(1080i/720P) from the backend to the laptop for testing, using 
mythavtest in the Myth case.

They are all using the same Xvideo support. The Xorg log shows XvMC is 
disabled so thats not an issue.

Any ideas why mplayer can play the MythTV mpgs without skipping, and 
Myth can't on Ubuntu 10.10? I know there are 855GME issues after 9.10 on 
Ubuntu, but still why Myth and not mplayer?

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