[mythtv-users] Problem playing last program before a channel stops broadcasting for the day (UK DVB-T)

Ian Armstrong mail01 at iarmst.co.uk
Mon Dec 13 13:54:20 UTC 2010

On Monday 13 December 2010, John Veness wrote:
> On 12/12/10 20:25, John Veness wrote:
> > I record 3 minutes past the end of the scheduled time. I haven't yet
> > tried to see what would happen if I stop exactly when the channel ends.
> Last night I set CSI:NY to stop recording on channel Five USA at exactly
> 1am (which is when the channel goes off air), but it still had the
> problem of being seemingly blank when played back in Myth. I guess there
> might be a few seconds difference between my HTPC clock and when the
> channel actually closes, so next I'll try stopping it a minute before
> closedown.
> Other than John Pilkington, has anyone else seen this?
Still running 0.23-fixes here, but I've seen this same problem on several 
occasions. I remember once watching a recording that was still in progress, 
but the next morning the same recording would only show a blank screen. I also 
allow a 3 minute overrun by default, so mythtv can still be recording when a 
station goes off-air. I simply use a small script that does a lossless 
transcode using ffmpeg to 'fix' the recordings.


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