[mythtv-users] Edit doesn't work (Was: Edit cutlist problems after upgrade)

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Mon Dec 13 00:59:57 UTC 2010

  On 12/12/2010 07:47 PM, Timo Boettcher wrote:
> Unusable here.
> I can select the timespan to jump forward/backward using the up/down
> cursor keys, but I cannot jump for that timespan using the left and
> rigth cursor keys like I could before 0.24. If I try the now,
> myhtfrontend freezes.
> Below is a "mythfrontend -v all" log of the moment of trying to jump
> 10Minutes forward (yes, there is enough of the recording left, happens
> also on other recordings and other timespans). I have hundreds of
> the "WriteAudio: Preparing 768 bytes (192 frames)" messages before and
> after trying to jump, which makes me wonder, since playback is paused
> when editing and no audio should be played with video playback paused.

You likely just need to update to current 0.24-fixes.


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