[mythtv-users] storage groups - is there an index? (lost a hard drive)

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Sun Dec 12 14:03:21 UTC 2010

  On 12/11/2010 05:57 PM, mons37318 wrote:
> it will record new recordings on drive 1 (or whatever drive it is - the mount point is /appl/media/recordings (cause, you know, we couldn't be consistant in the naming)

It sounds like your storage groups would have been configured to use 
/appl/media4/recordings .  If so, then you shouldn't have any 
problems--MythTV will realize that /appl/media4/recordings directory 
doesn't exist, so it will stop using that directory (completely ignoring 
the entry in the storage group).

If, however, /appl/media4 is in a storage group, that directory likely 
exists--but is the point on the parent file system where you would 
normally mount the not-usable file system.  This would be very bad 
because MythTV would continue to use that directory--but it would write 
to the wrong file system, so you could potentially fill up that file 
system (assuming it's the root file system, this is a very bad thing).

So, I'd recommend just going into mythtv-setup and verifying that 
/appl/media4 isn't listed and only sub-directories of /appl/media4 are 

Otherwise, MythTV doesn't care if a file system with recordings actually 
exists or not--other than being unable to actually play back the 
recordings from that file system.


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