[mythtv-users] Mythvideo takes long time to scan

The GUIGuy linux at finalfiler.com
Sun Dec 12 12:24:22 UTC 2010

I'm running a combined frontend/ backend mythbuntu 10.10 and upgraded to 
mythtv 0.24 a couple of days ago.

Most of my multimedia library is on a QNAP NAS box over a cabled gigabit 
network. Network performance is great, with speedy file transfers 
between the NAS device and the mythbuntu box.

Now everytime I access mythvideo ("Media Library" > "Watch Videos") 
from the frontend I am looking at a thirty to forty minute delay whilst 
it does a scan. The delay is on the NAS box (about five to seven 
minutes) and the rest is taken up by "updating" the database.

This did not happen under 0.23.1, where it took a couple of minutes on 
the same hardware.

Any help on what I might do to improve matters? Can the scan be switched 
off so it only occurs on demand, as it used to be in earlier versions of 


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